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45% der Weltbevölkerung nutzt Social Media. Die weltweite Anzahl der Social Media-Nutzer ist mit Beginn 2019 auf fast 3,5 Milliarden gewachsen. Die in den letzten 12 Monaten hinzugekommenen 288 Millionen neuen Nutzer haben die globale Durchdringung auf 45 Prozent gesteigert. Die Social Media-Nutzung zeigt aber weltweit noch lange kein einheitliches Bild - so liegen die Penetrationsraten in Teilen Afrikas immer noch im einstelligen Bereich Approximately 223 million Americans use social media in 2019. This is a slight increase over 2018, and a slight decrease compared to 2017. Overall, however, social media usage is essentially unchanged over the past four years

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Facebook - which recently celebrated its 15th anniversary - remains one of the most widely used social media sites among adults in the U.S. Roughly seven-in-ten adults (69%) say they ever use the platform. (A separate 2018 Center survey showed Facebook use among U.S. teens had dropped in recent years. 5 Year Social Media Growth Statistics: 2020: 3,960 million active users; 2019: 3,484 million active users (+9.2%) 2018: 3,196 million active users (+9.0%) 2017: 2,796 million active users (+21%) 2016: 2,307 million active users (+11%) 2015: 2,078 million active users; Top 10: Growth of social media users by countr

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  1. Social media usage is one of the most popular online activities. In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025
  2. This professional networking site is the top social media platform for B2B social media marketing. It's demographics skew slightly older, with 30-49-year-olds making up the largest group of LinkedIn users. 2021 LinkedIn demographics data: Monthly active users. LinkedIn has 260 million monthly active users; Age. 21% of people ages 18-24 use.
  3. Überflieger ist aber immer noch der Messenger-Dienst WhatsApp, denn auch hier sind die Nutzerzahlen in Deutschland in die Höhe gestiegen: 2019 waren es noch 42 Mio. User, nun sind es knapp 58 Mio. Nutzer, die täglich aktiv sind

83.3% of total active internet users are actively using social media. About 51% of the world's population has a social media account. In 2020, 67% of social media users of age group 18-24 use social media as a source of news. Due to Covid-19, 43% of Internet users are spending longer on social media platforms Zu Beginn des Jahres 2019 war der Anteil der mobilen Nutzer von sozialen Netzwerken in Ostasien mit 70 Prozent am größten. Nordamerika folgte mit einem Nutzeranteil von 61 Prozent auf dem zweiten.. Social media usage in the U.S. in 2019 April 10, 2019 Millennials stand out for their technology use, but older generations also embrace digital life May 2, 2018 Americans' complicated feelings about social media in an era of privacy concerns March 27, 2018 Social Media Use in 2018 March 1, 2018 The Future of Truth and Misinformation Online Oct. 19, 2017 The Future of Free Speech, Trolls. The percentage of US adults who use social media increased from 5% in 2005 to 79% in 2019. Even on a global stage the speed of diffusion is striking: Facebook surged from covering around 1.5% of the world population in 2008, to around 30% in 2018.

Social media usage continues to grow, as social platforms reach into new regions and become an even bigger part of day-to-day life. However you may feel about social media, and the way it both unifies and divides in varying measure, the fact of the matter is that it's not going away - in fact, it's becoming more embedded into more societal elements, making it an essential connective tool Here's a summary of the Social Media Statistics for 2021: 3.5 billion social media users worldwide. Facebook is the most popular social media platform. 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active social media users. Users spend an average of 3 hours per day on.

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* In the UK more than 44 million users were registered with Facebook as of December 2019. * 71 per cent of UK adults can be reached through the platform, which, if you are thinking of using Facebook Ads, can be highly targeted. * The mix of users is quite even between men (48 per cent) and women (52 per cent) The social media statistics 2019 is revealing the great penetration of snapchat users in USA. The distinctive platform is carrying the large following of 93.25 million people where 56% of female and 43% male are fostering their presence at this snapping platform. 7. LinkedIn users in USA Looking for the latest social media statistics?Want to know which social media networks and apps are the most popular in 2021? Whether you're building a presentation, a pitch, or you're just plain curious, I've done my best to search the entire internet for all the juicy social media statistics you could possibly need

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Despite this, the number of users continues to grow each year and is forecast to reach nearly 51 million by 2025 with a market penetration rate of approximately 73.5 percent nationwide. YouTube and.. LinkedIn stats. 7.4 million LinkedIn users are in the Philippines; Of all adults in the country, 11% can be reached on the social platform; Quarter-on-quarter growth hit 10%; The user ratio of men to women is 1:1; Stats across all social media. Only 4.1 million unique authors were responsible for all social media activity in the Philippines. The latest teen social media statistics. 65% of parents surveyed by Pew Researchers said they worry about their kids spending too much time in front of screens; YouTube was the most used social media app among teens in 2019, followed by Instagram and Snapchat, according to Statista; TikTok became the fastest growing new app for American teens in 2019. 60% of TikTok users were ages 16 to 24.

If you're looking for social media statistics for all users, 2018, 2019 and 2020 Inc. 5000 company) a highly sought-after digital marketing strategist, industry speaker and author of two books, The Forecaster Method and Digital Influencer. Over the course of his career, Lincoln has worked with over 1,000 online businesses ranging from small startups to amazing clients such as Office. Our handy collection of headline digital statistics for every country in the world, including the latest internet user numbers, social media stats, and mobile connection data. Click 'read more' below to access all of our previous reports in this ongoing series. Read more → DIGITAL 2020 GLOBAL OVERVIEW. Last year's annual overview report, with all the data and insights you need in order.

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Here are 19 standout stats from 2019. Mobile social media penetration in the region has more than doubled to 44% in More than 10 million users are active on the social network in Saudi Arabia. 51 % der befragten Käufer gaben an, dass sie Google für die Recherche nutzen, wenn sie einen Online-Einkauf planen. (Think with Google, 2019) Laut einer Studie aus dem Jahr 2019 generierte Such-Traffic 65 % aller E-Commerce-Sessions, dabei entfielen 33 % auf organische Suche und 32 % auf bezahlte Suche. (Statista, 2019 There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year Social media users are less likely than in 2017 to see views they disagree with on social media. • Compared to 2017, internet users are more likely to have encountered hateful content online, however most didn't do anything about it. • Although most internet users are aware of at least one of the ways in which their personal data might be collected online, less than four in ten are aware. Social Media Advertising Audiences 2019 1. Facebook Users in UAE UAE Social media statistics 2019 is unveiling the immense number of addressable advertising... 2. Instagram Users in UAE Reachable Instagram users in UAE through adverts are also revealed as surged ones with the... 3. Twitter Users in.

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  1. There Are 3.725 Billion Social Media Users Worldwide . The Average User Spends 142 Minutes on Social Media per Day . 91% of Social Media Users Use Mobile Devices . 328 Million Social Media Accounts Were Created Between 2018-2019 . There Are 10 New Social Media Users per Second
  2. Social Media by the Numbers. Social media sites measure the number of unique users on the platform each month as a metric of success. Below is a snapshot of the five major social media sites shown in today's graphic and their active user count. Monthly Active Users (MAU) as of July 2019. Facebook: 2.4 billion; YouTube: 2 billion; WhatsApp: 1.
  3. Notably, 21% of 8-11 year olds have a social media profile, swiftly increasing to 71% of 12-15 year olds. However, YouTube is very popular with both markets, with over 74% of 8-15 year olds using this platform. Here's a snapshot of two of the four age groups featured. Q3
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There are also 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with 3.26 billion using social media on mobile devices. Facebook continues to dominate the internet as the top social media platform with over 2.71 billion users, followed by YouTube with 1.9 billion users, and messaging services WhatsApp (1.5 billion) and Facebook Messenger with 1.3 billion users. This is the fourth year in a row that. Every second, 11 people use social media for the first time. In 2017, less than 2.5 billion people were on social media worldwide. Today, in 2020, some 3.8 million people use social media, which is more than half the world's population India is the country with the most Facebook users - 300 million as of January 2019. The United States comes second, with 210 million Facebook users. 68% of Americans now use Facebook. Roughly three-quarters of those users access Facebook daily There are now 3.484 billion active social media users around the world. This number represents 45% of the world's population and an increase of 280 million since January 2018. This growth rate is.. 50% of the global population is using social media: that's 3.8 billion people (an increase of 9.2% since 2019) Central America and Eastern Asia have the highest social media saturation at 84% each; In Europe, Northern Europe has the highest percentage of social media users (79%), versus Southern (66%), Western (62%) and Eastern Europe (57%

This report covers key events in the global social media market, new data, trends and business activity in Q2 2019. It also includes our updated forecasts for social network users in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and worldwide The Most Interesting Social Media Marketing Stats. There were 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide in 2019 (45% of the world's population). 11 new people start using social media every second. The average American has 7.1 social media accounts. Facebook Business Pages now number more than 60 million Social Media Users in UAE. According to the latest statistics, a whopping 98.98% of the UAE population remain active on social media.This means that in 2020, an eyeball popping 9.73 million people come online on social media almost every day out of a population of 9.83 million people. In 2020, UAE saw a 1.3% annual growth in internet users.The usage of social media recorded a 6.3% increase.

Social Media Marketing Statistics 2021. As of Q1 2020, 420 billion people are active on social media. In 2019, 90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers were active social media users. 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. (GlobalWebIndex Internet connections in households with one adult aged 65 years and over have increased by seven percentage points since 2019 to 80%; these households still had the lowest proportion of internet.. Here are the most important social media statistics you need to know in 2020. General Social Media Usage Statistics. Total active social media users: 3.484 billion (We Are Social) Daily time spent: People spend 2 hours and 23 minutes daily on social media browsing and messaging (GlobalWebIndex).Additionally, 98.55% of people use at least four social media channels daily (GoodFirms) To make sense of all the social media stats, you need to know what is relevant for you. From online demographics to influencers and the best performing platforms, we have listed out who's online and what they are doing while online. Social Media Usage Statistics of Saudi Arabia : 2020 Infographic

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  1. Let's start with some social media user statistics. Social Media Users Statistics 1. More than half of the world population uses social media today. (Source: We are social) The number of social media users increased by more than 10.5% (over 376 million new users) between July 2019 and July 2020, reaching a total of 3.96 billion. This equals to about 51% of the world population and 83.36% of.
  2. User demographic statistics for any social media network are an essential piece of data for any marketing strategy. Just like how you want to know who uses your products and services, knowing who's on what platform aids you in researching, advertising and marketing decisions. As the social space is constantly changing, it's handy to know updated statistics as you revisit your decisions and.
  3. Demographics of Social Media Users Statistics. The best way to create an effective social marketing strategy is by knowing the demographic makeup of your social media audience. Check out these important Instagram data to help you better fine-tune your marketing campaigns. General Social Media Demographics. In 2020, 90.8% of Millennials used social media. Meanwhile, the number of Gen X social.
  4. 15. 93% of Pinterest users plan their purchases on the social media platform. While brands fret over increasing conversion costs on other social media platforms - Facebook, we're looking at you - Pinterest remains one of the best platforms for conversion, especially if your audience skews female.(Bonus stat: 40% of Pinterest users earn at least a six-figure household income (Sprout.
  5. In terms of social media messaging services, WhatsApp remains the most popular choice of download, closely followed by Facebook Messenger which saw a 3% growth in users over the last 6 months. The losers of the world of social media messaging continue to be Viber, down 3% since December, and Tinder and Snapchat, which have remained stagnant over the six month period
  6. There are 3.499 billion active social media users globally (April 2019). This represents 45% of the total global population and shows a 6.1% increase since April 2018. A similar rate of growth is expected throughout the rest of 2019. The UK now has 45 million social media users, equating to 67% of the population
  7. Social Media Statistics Australia - November 2019. 1. Facebook - 15,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (steady) 2. YouTube - 15,000,000 Unique Australian Visitors per month (UAVs) 3. Instagram - 9,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (FB/ Instagram data) 4. WhatsApp - 7,000,000 Active Australian Users 5. Snapchat - 6,400,000.

Social Media Statistics Australia - January 2019 1. Facebook - 15,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users (steady) 2 This article presents recent statistics on the use of social media by enterprises in the European Union The least popular social media in 2019 were wiki-based knowledge-sharing tools used by 5 % of EU enterprises. A wiki is a website that in principle allows multiple users to create and collaboratively edit interlinked webpages using an internet browser. Wiki-based communication platforms.

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  1. Social Media Users. Catch up on the latest. Audio. Snapchat surprises and alternative social media Article. How Chipotle Mexican Grill leverages memes on Article. Snapchat stagnates and TikTok's on its tail. Article. Why Small Businesses Could Benefit from the Launch Audio. The Weekly Listen: Disney+ doubles down, mothers QUICK LINKS. Reports. Forecasts. Charts. Related.
  2. Use of the internet and social media and how long we use it for. These data include the number of people who have used the internet, those who use the internet frequently and those who have never used the internet. Most of these statistics are broken down by age and gender. Did you know? Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government also produce statistics relating to social housing.
  3. This year has been an explosive one for the social media world. With all of the online regulations, Twitter hashtag revolutions, and Facebook privacy scandals, the internet has offered a plethora of drama.. But even so, users are not slowing down on their internet use, with many of us spending a large portion of our day on the internet, connecting with friends, family, and the world at large
  4. d-blowing social media marketing statistics that will revolutionize the way you think about social media! 1. 70% of the U.S. population has a profile on at least one social networking site. Social media marketing can connect your business with a huge portion of the population.

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AFRICA 2021 POPULATION AND INTERNET USERS STATISTICS. AFRICA. Population (2021 Est.) Internet Users 31-Dec-2000. Internet Users 31-DEC-20. Penetration (% Population Social media platforms are being used by people of all ages for many different reasons. People communicate through emails, texts and other expanding social media modes every day. It can be operated through devices like desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet. Take a glance at the social media platforms statistics in Kuwait 2019 Highlights of the Southeast Asian digital landscape 2019. Taken as a single bloc, Southeast Asia regroups a large population of digital users that take it to levels where it can stand the comparison with the leading global markets (US, EU, China) for all digital activities: Internet, social media, mobile and mobile social

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22 million active mobile social media users (Statista, 2019). In 2023, it is expected that almost 33 percent of the population in South Africa will be accessing Facebook (Statista, 2019). In 2018, 34.6 percent of the population in the country accessed social media. In 2023, this share is projected to reach 40.1 percent (Statista, 2019). South Africa saw a 20% year-on-year increase in the. Why Social Media Statistics Matter. For example, 2017 has been an interesting year as attention spans have decreased to 8 seconds for most social media users. Knowing the change in attention spans can help marketers tighten their videos and overall presentations. Each day the number of social media users are increasing so why miss out on information you need to reach them? Being able to create. By Toby A. Cox / 2 July 2019. Trends in how generations use social media channels correlate with the types of content people prefer and what people hope to gain from online interactions. Social media users across generations are drawn to visual content such as images and videos. This has led to growth in visually driven platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat, especially among. Since January 2018, Singapore has recorded a 9% increase in the total number of social media users. Let us take a look at the social media in Singapore for digital marketers in 2019. Social Media Use. According to the Global Digital Report 2018, Singaporeans spend at least 2 hours and 6 minutes every day on social media platforms. Of these over. Social Media Today. The use of ad blockers has been on the rise in recent years, fueled by web user frustration at the range of noisy, interruptive and deceptive promotions and offers which appear online

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There were 74 850 000 Facebook users in Philippines in January 2019, which accounted for 67.1% of its entire population.. The majority of them were women - 52.6%.. People aged 18 to 24 were the largest user group (25 000 000).. The highest difference between men and women occurs within people aged 18 to 24, where women lead by 1 000 000 There are 3.499 billion active social media users; For context, as of May 2019, total worldwide population is 7.7 billion. So that means that 57 percent of the world's population is on the internet. More people are online than those who aren't online. And as far as social media usage goes, 45 percent of the world is on social media; If you have the internet, there's an 80 percent chance you have a social media account, too. Yes, and it gets even more mind-blowing 96% of people talking about brands on social media aren't following those brands. 91% of users want brands to be authentic with their social media content. 89% of consumers say they will buy from a brand they follow on social media and 84% will choose that brand over a competitor 70% of young people favor adding a pop-up warning to social media channels warning them of heavy usage. 6. 30% want to go even further and have social media platforms institute a cap on usage, which would automatically log them off after a certain amount of time. 7. 91% of 16-24 year olds use the internet for social networking. 8

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According to the Global Digital Report 2019, there has been a 9% increase in global social media usage since January 2018 and the number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.725 billion. However, not all countries use social media to the same extent. So, which countries use social media the most The number of global social media users is expected to reach 3.1 billion by 2021. That's nearly half of the world's population! For marketers, researchers, analysts, or anyone who's curious, we thought it would be helpful to round up key social media usage statistics in one place - by country and by platform Social Media Nutzung in Deutschland 2019: Viel WhatsApp, jede Menge YouTube & immer mehr Instagra Nun gibt es neue und aktuelle Nutzerzahlen und Statistiken zu Social Media, WhatsApp und der Facebook Messenger Nutzung . WhatsApp ist und bleibt die beliebtest App in Deutschland. Laut der Studie nutzen knapp 80% aller Deutschen Internetnutzer WhatsApp. Noch vor YouTube (74,%), Facebook (60%), Instagram 46,9%) oder Telegram (10%) ⏲ Auch bei Timespent ist WhatsApp Nummer 1: Mit 11,7 Stunden. Facebook Nutzerzahlen Oktober 2019 (Q3/2019) Mark Zuckerberg zum Q3 2019. Auch im dritten Quartal 2019 liefert Facebook gute Zahlen. 2.8 Milliarden Menschen nutzen einen der Facebook-Dienste (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp oder Messenger) 2.2 Milliarden Menschen nutzen mindestens einen oder mehrere Dienste täglich

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Social media is no longer just about conversations; it's about commerce. Social factors have always played a part in consumer buying habits, but the ubiquity of smartphones and social networks have taken word-of-mouth to new heights. Most consumers around the world now carry posting and purchasing power around in their pockets with them every day March 19, 2019. With a total population of 5.83 million, Singapore has 4.92 million internet users with a penetration rate of 84% and 8.37 million mobile subscribers according to WeAreSocial. Social media users in Singapore total 4.6 million while mobile social users have reached 4.2 million When talking about social media usage statistics by country, we'd never leave out Brazil, which doesn't trail far behind Mexico. Here is their usage volume by social media platform: In fact, social media users in Brazil are so well-known for their lively social media usage that there's a meme about it: Come To Brazil

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